There were around 30 players across 4-5 teams when the league officially launched in 2014.
By late 2018/19 season there were over 90 registered players in the league across 8 teams.

We came a long way thanks to having an inclusive atmosphere and due to our love of competition. New teams were formed and new players joined from all walks of life: those in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s that haven’t played since leaving school, players new to the area, teens who wanted to play with more experienced players. Everyone finds a home here! It could be yours too.

Advice for new players

The best thing you can do is to just get stuck in! Start off with social scrimmages or training sessions to get a sense of what you can expect from the TBL. Come and check out the TBL itself during a game night at any point during the season (September - May), get to know the teams and the people. If you’re friendly and show people you’re willing to play hard a team will likely soon approach you with an invitation to play for them.

You can also reach out to a team directly by going to the teams page and selecting one you like. There will be a contact option within each team page. Alternatively, introduce yourself on our group - Trowbridge Basketball Club Wiltshire - on facebook.

Advice for new teams

Whether you’ve been playing in the TBL or you are completely new but have a bunch of friends you want to play with in our league you’re more than welcome to start a new team. The more the merrier! Please note that starting a team is a season-long commitment, so each potential team will be reviewed at the AGM and any follow-up meetings. The deadline for registering your team and players is 9th of August every year. For more details please see the downloadable form below or contact our club president, Adam Storey.