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Junior Hawks

We provide Junior programme sessions at all ages. We also have team's at U10s to U18s with opportunities to play in CVL's and SW League.

Step 1 - Learn why you should join us!

Find out below the reasons why you should become part of our community Club

Step 2 - Become a member

See our memberships and subscriptions below.

Step 3 - Play Basketball!


Fully qualified and trained

Our Junior programme is led and delivered by Aj'sBasketballcoaching.


All our Head coaches are fully qualified, first aid trained, DBS checked, and safeguard trained. Our coaches have player experience which we think is important to assist a young player in their development with the Club. We also have a designated safeguarding officer should you need to view our safeguarding policy find it here.

Fundamental Skill Training

We have an extensive programme devised to ensure maximum development for all Junior players. Our players do not just play they train to learn and develop the fundamentals of basketball. We follow different approaches that help young players learn and develop the fundamental skills, these skills are then incorporated into game situations.

Why your child should try basketball

Basketball is a sport that teaches discipline and the importance of working as a team. Our junior members are expected to show respect and the willingness to learn. Many parents have noticed a change in attitude and focus to schoolwork!

Let’s not forget it’s also great exercise, fun and a great way to create new friendships!

Development and competition

Our Junior Pathway provides opportunity for progression at each level including senior.

We hope to continue our development of young players and provide them with opportunities to continue their basketball journey within our Club.

Our future is bright and we want to be able to offer the highest level of play and opportunity to our members. 


But also we want to ensure we are continuing to Provide accessible and affordable basketball as well as providing competition at a competitive level.

A foundation of our Junior development is providing opportunities for our teams to compete in leagues, tournaments and competitions.


League entries for upcoming 2024/2025 season:

U16s National League

U18s and U14s Southwest regional League

U12s CVL 

Other tournaments and friendlies 

Exclusive Events*

We also have Open training sessions every Sunday! 

How we ensure Development!

We are introducing a new developmental scheme in which all Junior player's will be graded either Bronze, Silver and Gold. This will help player's better understand how to improve and give them direction on what to improve on to reach the next level. This also helps parents sunderstand where there child is at to which allows parents to better help their development to the next stage.

The exciting development stages table is currently still in development 

Example below


Can perform a Lay-up with dominant hand and foot work with dribble, consistently.



Can use either hand or footwork to perform basic lay-up techniques with the dribble consistently.


Can perform a range of lay-up tehniques using either footwork under contact.

VM Event 2023 U12s&U14s Team photo.jpg
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